Diavel Carbon

Diavel-Carbon_2011_R_[1067x600]Diavel Carbon. MSRP $20,995.00

Carbon details

Machine finished forged aluminum Marchesini wheels, reducing weight to 452 lb. Marzocchi forks with diamond-like coating (DLC). Brake disc carriers in milled aluminum. Carbon fiber fairing and black accessories.
All these make the Diavel Carbon a magical meeting point of style and performance…more

Diavel Dark

Diavel-Dark_2013_Studio_MB_C01_1920x1080.mediagallery_output_image_1920x1080-1024x576Diavel Dark. MSRP $17,995.00

The dark side of power

Total black, powerful, assertive. Sophisticated design meets the powerand exuberance of 162 hp. The striking engine colour dominates the details, revealing the Diavel’s very essence…more