DucatiLogo_600Ducati Minneapolis is a true service shop. We service just about all makes and model of motorcycle and have experience with many makes other than Ducati. While we can only do warranty work on Ducatis, we can fully service all modern and many vintage bikes.

We have an extensive Ducati parts selection, which allows us to turn Ducati maintenance and repair work around quickly. We have a huge valve shim selection, a critical piece of proper Ducati Maintenance often overlooked by other shops. We also have excellent parts resources to ensure minimum downtime.

Ducati Service and Performance Parts

Ducati Minneapolis is a fully authorized and equipped dealer. We have a Ducati Master Technician, and a level 2 certified Ducati Technician. While we work on just about any make and model of motorcycle, Ducatis take a special priority. Warranty and maintenance work can usually be completed in short order, and many jobs can be done while-you-wait.

We carry a large inventory of Ducati parts and accessories. Our goal is to have everything you need to get your bike in top shape. We have a large inventory of all the common items and a sizable inventory of the less common parts as well. Call 612-746-5116 to check if we have the part you need; if we don’t have it we will do our best to get it for you.

We also carry other brands of accessories such as AFAM, Akrapovic, Arrow, Brembo, CRG, Ohlins, Pit Bull, Rizoma, Motorex, Schaefer Oil, SpeedyMoto, STM, Termignoni, TransLogic, and Yoyodyne. If it works well on a Ducati, there’s a good chance we have it.

IMG_9372-540x346We pride ourselves on tuning excellence; we have a DynaPro dynomometer, Sunnen VGS-20 cylinder head machine and ASNU fuel injection bench in house. We specialize in fuel injection and we tune all makes and models including, but not limited to, any fuel injected Ducati or Harley Davidson. We use dual O2 sensors on V-twins to fully tune cylinder differential and we are familar with most OEM and aftermarket injection systems.

We have tuned everything from Steve Hamel’s salt flat record holding Vincent, to Ducati roadracing and street bikes, to big displacement H-Ds.

Our Sunnen VGS-20 gives us precise control when cutting valve seats in regard to their shape and stem height, a critical measurement on desmo valve train. We can replace worn guides and install larger seats and valves. We also offer full porting services. Head work involves detailed steps and engine specific knowledge, we do all head work in-shop to make sure it is done right.

Our ASNU injector flow bench allows us to flow match injectors; this is frequently an undiagnosed problem area as even new injectors can vary by over 10%, leading to serious running issues on both stock and modified bikes. We sell matched sets of two, three, four, or more (either outright or exchange). A must for any built engine.

We also sell and stock Ducati Performance kits, Nemesis and Microtec ECUs and Traction Control Pods (For 4v Ducati ‘s’ models), quickshifters, aftermarket dashes, ECU flashloads, EPROM (for early Ducatis), TechnoResearch products and many other tuning and electronic products.